ISFFM 2021


Filmmakes submit your short:

In 2021, ISFFM will take place online in cooperation with Picl.

A first selection of the program 2022 can be viewed online during the weekend of April 22/25.

The program consists of 6 films, one from each category.

Next year, April 2022, the festival will take place in Cinema Middelburg, just like in 2019, where filmmakers, jury members and guests will meet and celebrate the festival. Filmmakers can still submit their film.


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Trailer ISFFM 2021 picl edition

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Provincial shorts (Zeeland)


Director: Katja Jansen

After a painful breakup, a young couple's life splits in two. He feels relieved and resumes his life being single, she is in tears and seeks comfort from friends.

Animated short worldwide

The Shut-in

Director: Eric Lieu, Maxine Curva, Jira Udomsri

Sherry, a single mother struggles to connect with her reclusive son but soon finds help from a mysterious nanny who changes everything through some unconventional methods.

Documentary worldwide


Director: Lisa Hukker, Chanou van Kalleveen

The homeless couple Björn (45) and Inge (65) rather sleep together on the streets than separated in a homeless shelter. A race against the winter.

Children's short

Chasing Stars

Director: Laura Aldofredi

The film tells the magic journey of a young girl, who’s looking for her home and own place in the world.
The journey takes place in the Arctic and the main character is helped by a very special friend, a Beluga whale.

International short

The chair

Director: Raffaele Salvaggiola

Giulio, 5, spends time in front of the house while the other children play in the alleys of the village. Jokingly mistaking the daily gestures of an elderly neighbor, Giulio decides to imitate him. The game will lead him to make new discoveries and new friends.

National short


Director: Mark van Welzenis

The boring life of a little man gets an unexpected turn when he discovers that he is living inside of a music box. He gets the chance to free himself by confronting his maker.

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