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We made a selection out of the provincial films selected in 2019 for you to watch!

All films are strongly related to the province Zeeland and are mostly made by young/beginning filmmakers. 


Perfectly to spend your time when staying at home.
Thanks to the filmmakers that approved their film to be online.

Won't forget you​ Maarten Swaan

Mr Janssen is an 82 year old jolly man, who lives on the closed department for Alzheimer patients at an old peoples residency. Anneke, 82, is a co-resident. Every time they encounter, it turns into an authentic situation with an authentic outcome.

The Maiden and the Gatekeeper​ Vincent van den Ouden

Ever since her younger sister was killed in an accident Florien’s mother hasn’t been the same. But when Florien finds a fairy tale book, about the Gatekeeper to whom man sung to thank him for giving their departed safe passage across the abyss, she gets an idea.

Two​ Eddie Bimmel

The film is set in the near future and is about the clone of a tyrannical twenties named Jimmy. The clone is tired to clean up the mess for Jimmy and to be treated as a slave. And then the question is how safe is a clone.

When I Listen In The Morning Pien Vroonland

A (fake) documentary about the man who makes the bird noises we hear in the morning.

Kras Lot Jesse de Vries

An elderly couple has nothing to live for but a gambling addiction. When they hit the jackpot, disaster strikes as well...

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