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9 Zeeuwse films


1 animatie

The Maiden and the Gatekeeper​ Vincent van den Ouden

Ever since her younger sister was killed in an accident Florien’s mother hasn’t been the same. But when Florien finds a fairy tale book, about the Gatekeeper to whom man sung to thank him for giving their departed safe passage across the abyss, she gets an idea. Is it possible for the Gatekeeper to bring those departed back? But will that restore their life like it was before?

Two​ Eddie Bimmel

The film is set in the near future and is about the clone of a tyrannical twenties named Jimmy. The clone is tired to clean up the mess for Jimmy and to be treated as a slave. And then the question is how safe is a clone.

Mosquitoes & Marshmallows​ Josien de Graaf, Lars van der Ploeg

A group of youngsters on a campingtrip. Two boys and five girls. One of the girls doesn't fit in.
One night, during a game of truth or dare, it gets out of hand.
A film about what could happen when you shut someone out.

Won't forget you​ Maarten Swaan

Mr Janssen is an 82 year old jolly man, who lives on the closed department for Alzheimer patients at an old peoples residency. Anneke, 82, is a co-resident. Every time they encounter, it turns into an authentic situation with an authentic outcome.

tristesse​ mentl5 groep

A man who who can't forget his past... 

Full Feather Jacket​ Liz el Saadany

Clumsy seagull Manfred enjoys his humble work as a cleaner at the Air Force base. But when he accidentally kills a
member of the seagull troops, Manfred is forced to take his place. Unwillingly Manfred embarks on a highly dangerous
mission, that he is not prepared for...

Above Water Sander Radstaake, Daan Kamphorst, Daniël Lokerse

A grieving father travels back in time, 20 years after the death of his daughter he revisits the province were a terrible accident took place. During his search to awnsers his depressed feelings trouble him more and more, and his guilt ultimately leads him to the ultimate confrontation with himself.

When I Listen In The Morning Pien Vroonland

A (fake) documentary about the man who makes the bird noises we hear in the morning.

A Young Girl Jeannice Adriaansens

A grieving elderly and rather confused farmer is slowly losing touch with reality. After the sudden death of her husband she has to face numerous challenges in her daily life. Also there is financial turmoil and the upcoming auction of her farm. Can her son Geert save both, his mother and the farm?

Kras Lot Jesse de Vries

An elderly couple has nothing to live for but a gambling addiction. When they hit the jackpot, disaster strikes as well...



7 Nederlandse films


1 animatie

Retrospect  Annigje Peters

In this based-on-a-true-story film, we follow a young dance student trapped in prostitution who is haunted by her childhood traumas. She wants to speak out about her struggle, but her self-hatred induced shame holds her back.

Sand of Time  Tim Visser

Everybodies time is running, like sand in a hourglass. Most of us will fight against time when sand is running out. During this film we will follow the last struggles of an ant whose time seems coming to an end. Will he survive against the mighty jaws of the antlion?

Tabook  Dario van Vree

While browsing the bookstore 19-year-old Gwen
is unexpectedly drawn to a volume of kinky
erotica, earning her disapproving glares from the
other customers. Will Gwen follow her deepest
desires or will she let her embarrassment restrain

The Blue Virgin  Tim Klok

The Blue Virgin is a drama set in the sixties about Thomas (Emmy Award winner Pierre Bokma), refined and wealthy, who treats his beautiful young wife Nathalie (Sytske van der Ster) to a trip to sunny France. When she suddenly disappears in a medieval village, he offers the locals his fortune to find his wife. But he discovers they have used it to fund their religious quest, and is then offered to join their army or never see his wife again.

Happy Mies day  Jasper Scholten

Mies is turning twelve and everyone is invited. She has enough cake, the coolest playlist ever and all her girlfriends are coming. She thinks... But actually the party is being held on a dull campsite, her father has invited some old people, her girlfriends are not coming at all and there is too little cake. When the hunk of the campsite tells her that he is going to stop by the party, Mies decides to turn things around.

Dear Neighbours  Evani Gilds

At night a woman is disturbed by her neighbours party.

Relivation  Wouter Springer

In 2025 deceased Hélène Toujours finds herself renewed and alive at the doorstep of her relatives due to modern science. But how happy is everybody with her return?

Turn it Around  Niels Bourgonje

At a house party fifteen year old Bram is surrounded by friends and draws the attention of many pretty girls. But he has no interest in them. He has fallen hopelessly in love with the pretty boy on the dance floor: seventeen year old Florian.
Love at first sight. There is only one problem: no one knows that Bram is gay. As the evening progresses and the tension rises between the two boys, Bram realizes that he has to make a choice. When a game of spin the bottle starts, he decides to twist the fate of the evening, and maybe his whole life.



8 documentaires


2 animatie


Phons woont al 10 jaar met kat Bob, hij ziet daar graag verandering in komen. In deze portret documentaire, zie je een aantal fragmenten van zijn dagelijks leven. De fragmenten vormen een interessant verhaal over nu en toen.


'Why am I different, mom? I want to do what my friends do'
'What is home? And what does it feel like?'
'Sometimes I feel that I belong nowhere'.

Unspoken  Samia Badih

“Unspoken” is about spoken word poet Farah Chamma who, at the age of 17, became an online sensation after her poems went viral. A well-known poet today, Farah finds her poetry at odds with the world she lives in. The film shows her conflict as she struggles with self-censorship and keeping her poetry authentic and real.  

Trap Paul James

A young girl fights for a sense of belonging.

Marva and I  Bastien Hubens

During her childhood, while dancing in the arms of her mother, Riet heard the music of Marva for the very first time. Decades later Riet has become an accomplished singer and decides to embark on a musical tour throughout Flanders performing Marva's timeless songs. Witness Riet’s emotional tribute to her mother and to Marva, the most popular Flemish singer of the last century. 

Tribe of Ghosts  Almicheal Fraay

Tribe of Ghosts’ is a documentary that takes place within a government-run shelter; here we see how children with albinism live alongside children with visual and auditory problems. We follow a group of children with albinism on their daily rituals as they struggle with their burden and we witness their fragile childhood.

Shaholly  Wojciech Lorenc

Shaholly Ayers, a congenital amputee, was once told that she could never become a model. This emotional film talks about her struggles, and eventual big break that allowed her to live her dream, and change the way people perceive disability. With her unbridled spirit and tenacious attitude, there is no telling what amazing things she may accomplish.

Ranapakhara  Swapna Kurup

In a community center in Dubai, Indian classical dancer Vonita Singh applies her art form to bring back movement in the lives of people affected by Parkinson’s.

Passage  Ashley Young

A surreal and expressionistic animation. A painted female figure steps through a doorway, undergoing a surreal exploration of body and identity, whilst being confronted with distortions of herself. Digitally painted frame by frame animation.

Insect Guardian - Butterfly paradise  Tim Visser

82 year old Willem bought an remote potato farmfield back in 1980 and transformed it into a butterfly paradise. For almost 40 years he works the land with shovel and scythe in order to preserve the butterflies. Willem's paradise has become one of the most important habitats in the region for these fluttering beauties.



12 internationale films


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